Board of Directors

Data Driven Charities has a board of directors that provides oversight for the membership as a whole, and support and direction for specific committees and project.

The Board exists to look at the long-term mission of Data Driven Charities.

  • It determines the amount available for grants each year, based on the previous balance and annual membership donations.

The Board does not make the decisions on where the money goes; the members do.

  • However, the Board does have the power to create guardrails and exercise veto power.
    • Specifically, the Board (with the help of appropriate committees):
      • Will set the guiding principles to identify the organizations for support
      • Actively find organizations, and vet organizations sent in by individuals
      • Determine the pool of money that can be donated at a particular cadence
      • Approve or veto decisions by members
      • Make additional one-off grants to support specific causes (e.g., data dives)

Board members are elected by the general body. The term of a board member is two years, with half of the board positions up for election each year.

Current Data Driven Charities Board members and their locations are:

  • Serving for 2016-2018:
    • Guillaume (DC)
    • Leah (SF)
    • Neil (DC)
    • Nathan (DC)
  • Serving for 2017-2019
    • Corinne (DC)
    • Angus (UK)
    • Rebeca (SF)
    • Ben F. (n/a)