Our Mission

Data Driven Charities aims to give gifts directly to organizations that have a demonstrated need and specific goal for funds, including those who engage in or could benefit from data-driven solutions.

This mission outlines our goals, from our grantees, to our members, to our events and outreach.

Support our community by encouraging non-profits

The Data Driven Charities’ community is global in scope, and we feel that organizations worldwide should be equipped to make validated decisions using data and should be assisted in carrying out those decisions. Despite the broad reach of Data Driven Charities, we feel that some of the most profound changes can occur in regional organizations, where the local knowledge of the staff can mesh with the signals coming from the data. Our grant program is open to organizations around the world, with emphasis on those organizations that are located near our membership.

More about our members

Support non-profits through monetary gifts

We understand that it takes resources to affect change. In our view, the most impactful place for an allocation is either in supporting what has already been proven through analysis or in determining what to do differently by assembling the right questions and ways to answer them in the data. After determining an approach, organizations can apply for our grants. Offering a single large-scale donation means that the grantee can focus on the true answer, not just what looks good to the donor.

Support data-driven decisions through mentorship and advocacy

While we have some financial resources to give, we also have the time and talents of our members. As passionate data enthusiasts, we have ideas on how to increase the effectiveness of an organization through finding the right questions to ask then seeking the answers in the facts and figures. Our focus is on providing the resources, but we hope that our questions push all organizations that apply (or just look at how we work) to see where they can add validity through data to their current processes.