How do I get involved?

1. Become a Member! 

Become a Member by making a $100 donation. This gets you a vote for the Board of Directors, allows you to join a committee, and gives you a vote in the giving process. Contact to find out how to make your tax-deductible contribution.

2. Serve! 

Currently, two committees are focused on the grant process, and any member can be a part of those. To serve in an even greater capacity, there are yearly elections for positions on the Board of Directors. Nominations will be open to all Members of Data Driven Charities.

3. Advocate! 

Our goal is to get the resources into the hands of those that will use them, but those organizations have to find out about us as well! Send out an email with information on the current grant process to potentially interested connections. As we are soliciting proposals, we are asking organizations to take a critical eye to their current processes and see how informing their actions with data will improve their impact.